90’s Plus Size Style

90’s Plus Size Style

I Was a Late 90s baby…

And when I explain my date of birth, people don’t think anythingfrom said decade resonates with my “est. since ’95” birth certificate. But 90s fashionis a huge inspiration for what I wear now. But in 2018, scavenging for 90s plus size fashion is a whole different beast.

90s Plus Size Fashion Isn’t Hard To Style 

You just have to go about finding the right pieces. 9 times out of 10, at least in my experience, you’ll be visiting several different places just to put one ensemble together. Sure, it sounds like a trying time, but once you get it together, you won’t be able to stop yourself.

90s fashion had an ease that other decades could never resemble. Everything was oversized, but fitted. Bummy, but also cute. And no one could really tell you about yourself when you wore styles that read “As IF”.

My personal 90s style has consisted of colorful fuzzy crop top sweaters, BIG shoes (whether that be a chunky heel or sneaker), and lots of pleather. Basically, if Baby Spice were Black, I’d be taking her place in the Spice Girls. 

I knew that after watching “Clueless” several thousand times, I’d wanted to dress like Alicia Silverstone (side note: Does anyone else constantly confuse her for Busy Phillips?), but my mother was usually the gatekeeper of what I left the house in and my dream was smothered. Now that I’m grrrown, I’m free to wear what I want.

All the cute, miniskirts from stores like Limited Too were pretty much out of the question when all I wanted was to dress like Cher. My thighs were very much against that decision. Until I said “Eff it! I do what I want!” and the same goes for you.

Just because you may not love parts of your body now doesn’t mean you have to wait to achieve your “dream body” to be a 90s plus size stunna. Do you, boo boo.

If you need some guidance on how to swipe cool 90s plus size pieces, you’ve come to the right place. Check out my personal faves. 

Faux Fur Trim Tube Top

Twill Mini Skirt

Tartan Skater Skirt

Lottie Square Neck Checked Mini Dress

Leopard Print Faux Fur Girls Jacket 

Current Mood Ace of Spade Pleated Skirt

Sheer Cheetah Print Top

Kiki Riki Just Give Up BodyCon Dress 

Shop My Look

Eloquii Vinyl Mini Skirt

Forever 21 Fuzzy Knit Top 

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Eastern Sock Boots

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