‘Bout the Brat

‘Bout the Brat

The Body Brat is just your everyday size 20 girl living in a “straight-size only” world, squeezing her wagon into one tiny desk at a time (while ceaselessly trying to avoid those awkward creaking sounds). Without further ado, my name is Ari Bines and my office chair is the only thing I’m trying to fit into.

I started The Body Brat because honestly, I had a class to pass. But as I maintained the blog after graduating from college, I realized that it’s so so much more. I felt no one in mainstream media has ever really tried to delve into a fat girl’s lifestyle. So instead of whining about it (like I usually do), I became the change I wanted to see in the world.

The Body Brat is all about loving your stretch marks, cellulite and, of course, yourself. I hope as you swipe through my pages, every woman, man or non-binary person will come to love the best and the worst parts of themselves. After all, if the haters ain’t spending a dime, then don’t pay ’em no mind.

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