Big Boobs & (Real) Bra Sizing

Big Boobs & (Real) Bra Sizing

Ah, The Old Boob Situation

If you’re one of those gals with a huge rack (like me), well, you know the struggle. Finding a bra is one pain in the ass task to take on as a full-figured woman. When it comes to boobs, making sure that they stay in place while simply walking down the street is a must. Make sure you’re secure but comfortable. Beautiful, but can still breathe. And most importantly, don’t pull a nip slip like Janet at the SuperBowl. You don’t want even more unwanted attention. I’m not even sure where I should start. My boobs are sometimes wild beasts that just can’t be tamed.

The Common Problem

I think most of us curvy girls can say that we’ve had a moment where we didn’t actually know what our bra size was. Back in my (more) insecure days, I tried to keep up with my skinny gal pals and shop with them at Victoria’s Secret. Not the smartest idea. Sorry, ya’ll. VS makes some cute underwear, but most of their lingerie has got me jiggil’n, baby. So…no thanks, I’ll pass. Low and behold, plus-size women are (once again) an afterthought in the lingerie industry as well. C’mon dude. Like, we’re women too, just with bigger boobies than you. K? K. And at this point, I already know what you’re thinking:

But What About Lane Bryant Lingerie?

Lane Bryant has been my go-to for bras. They hold everything in and there’s enough stretch to accommodate my ta ta’s, but most of the collection is pretty mature and they’re not the sexiest holders for the girls (B T Dubs, think about when bae comes over). I don’t want to have to compromise sexy for comfort and vice versa. And low and behold, I found a brand that allowed me to have BOTH.

And Then, There Was Elomi

Elomi is a lingerie brand catering its bra sizing to full-figured women and those who are members of the big tittie committee. Not only are the bras a good fit for a rack like mine, but they are freakin‘ cute:

“The Elomi Portrait Project”

Now this is what really had me sold on the bras. My sister and I attended this event called (you guessed it) The Elomi Portrait Project where the brand partnered with 5 influential artists and paired them with pioneers in the body positive space. (see above caption)

Reps of the Elomi brand provided bra fittings to let every set of ‘girls’ know what their true fit is… and that they’ve totally been wearing the wrong size this whole time.

I was one of those girls 🙃
Turns out, one of my boobs is smaller than the other (lol) and while I kinda already had an incling that that was the case a while ago, it’s nice to get that shit confirmed by professional (cuz nobody else told me that wacky shit).

So the fitting…Duh!

I have to seriously thank Elomi because this bra was AH-mazing! It fit comfortably and the tits were tucked iiiinnn. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still sexy af in this bra (see below)


But I could wear this thing on the treadmill and not a worry of slippage in the world. I have to finagle with most of my bras, but I wore it my Elomi bra all day at work and I didn’t fidget or fix one bit. Which is why I definitely understand why the bras are the price that it is. They range from about $45-$70 ( I know, right?), but they are totally worth it, and the styles are super chic. You can purchase their lingerie at

Have you purchased from them? What did you think? And if you haven’t, would you? Let a gal know in the comments below.


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