Big Girls and the Bar Scene 

Big Girls and the Bar Scene 

I don’t know about you but…

The bar scene isn’t my ideal place to meet guys. Is it for anyone anymore really? While I personally think it’s overrated, I still go once in a blue moon for my friends who like to live on the wild side. 

For a plus chick though…

It sucks even more. There’s (usually) at least ONE cute guy that exists in the bar or club, but I’ve noticed how truly superficial these outings are. AAAAAALLLL the (not weird) guys danced with my thinner friends and sure, some may say I’m salty (a lil bit), but it’s still true. 

Plus-sized girls are expected to be the wallflower of the party. And many other curvalicious Millennial women do, unfortunately live up to that expectation. But eff that and get groovin, homie. If your friends are the type to drag you out, let them! 

People suck, so don’t be one of those people who suck 

Don’t ever feel obligated to hold back in your dancing either. Cuz like look at the white guy you’re dancing next to…Yeah, exactly. 

What’s your best/worst/hottest bar or club experience? I wanna knooooow. Leave it in the comments👇

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