Here’s everything I got on Black Friday (& that was worth it)

Here’s everything I got on Black Friday (& that was worth it)

At The Body Brat, I love sharing my thoughts and ideas to make readers more confident in how they shop for their body and overall lifestyle. If you like some of my suggestions and choose to purchase through the links below, I may receive a commission. Also, keep in mind pricing and availability are subject to change. 

To be honest, I shopped all of my favorite Black-owned and/or small businesses and brands that otherwise wouldn’t be on sale. Most of these Black Friday buys are products I’ve only heard great things about. However, there are some tried and true brands that usually never go on sale that I had to take advantage of.

What’s weird about holiday shopping is that I usually don’t do it. As I’ve grown up, gifs aren’t meaningful to my family. It’s as if there’s a universal Acts of Service love language in my family. However, this year was different, and I decided to treat myself as well.

In these times, I’m aware that I don’t need everything that comes out. However, there are select things that bring me joy. Whether it be supporting a Black or POC-owned business or making a purchase that makes an impact beyond my doorstep, I was more conscious this year. On the other hand, after getting all my purchases, I’m more than happy with what I got.

Hanifa Dee Crop Sweater & Dee Maxi Skirt

Credit: Ari Bines

What It Costs: $228

What I spent: $174

Why it’s worth it: Hanifa is one of those brands that’s somewhat accessible, but you wait some time just admiring before you can really afford it. Then again, maybe that’s just me. Now, the brand has been donned on celebrities like Beyonce, Zendaya, Kehlani, Sarah Jessica Parker and more. The brand means a lot to me because a) it’s Black woman owned and b) it fits my fat ass. Oftentimes those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. Not to mention, when I wore this set outsite, it was 40 degrees and I was still warm AF.

Three Sets of Klickity Klack Press On Nails

What It Cost: $35

What I spent: $25 (Buy 2, Get One free deal)

Why it’s worth it: If you’re going to shop an everyday product (well, press ons are everyday for me), why not buy Black? It’s an easy way to incorporate Black-owned businesses into your regular shopping habits. Plus, the small business girlies on Twitter like Klikkity Klak make custom designs that are unique in their own right that are also affordable.

Hyper Skin Vitamin C Serum

Credit: Ari Bines

What It Costs: $36

What I spent: $18

Why it’s worth it: My acne has been acting up more than usual over the months, and dark spots have surfaced as a result. I’d been meaning to snag Hyper Skin for a while, but never had the chance. When it was on sale for Black Friday half off, I had to snag. The brand is Black woman-owned and specifically a vitamin C serum to address hyperpigmentation. I’m working up a story for how it’s working, but so far, I am very pleased (and being patient).

The Always Pan

Credit: Our Place

What It Costs: $145

What I spent: $95

Why it’s worth it: You may be thinking “oh she’s basic” or “Ari, you cook?” you’re right. However, you’re also wrong. This pan really does it all and because of it, it makes me love cooking my delivery meal kits. I love it so much, I fully intend to write an entire post around it. I’m also glad I bought it in lilac when I did because it’s now being discontinued. Sorry, fam.

Parade Underwear

Credit: Ari Bines

What It Costs: $84

What I spent: $58

Why it’s worth it: One thing I love about Parade is that you spend less when you shop the sustainable underwear brand in packs. I got the Birthday Cake Pack with this embroidered sweatshirt for the brand’s sitewide sale. The undies and sweatshirt are cozy for staying in and a portion of every purchase goes to support Planned Parenthood, too.

I can’t say when you can expect to see these go on sale again, but there are always holiday discounts leading up to the New Year.

What did you buy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Are you happy with it? Did you need to return or exchange? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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