Brands and Faking Their Fat

Brands and Faking Their Fat

I’m no expert on the retail industry,

but I do know a thing or two about business. And I’m pretty sure the whole point of starting one is to help people, not just meet your goals for Q4.


I feel betrayed by some fashion brands who make the claim of inclusion by incorporating plus sizes, but they’re being faker than Hazel E’s wigs (Google it, girl). When I was skinny(ish) I used to shop at American Eagle and loved their jeans (size 18), but I realized once I actually became a size 18, they didn’t actually fit.

The Complaints

  1. My biggest concern with these brands faking inclusion of plus-size is that they simply put out what I call half-assed fashion. Even worse, they do it the sake of marketing and publicity. Sorry hunty, you can’t fake being woke. And once you try to call them out on their bullshit, they blame the buyer (queue Tommy Hilfiger).
  2. Who’s actually designing the plus-size clothing for these retailers? One thing that bothered me about my AE jeans was the lack of elasticity. Like dude, come on. That’s what makesour clothing comfortable. Real designers, who specialize in making all sizes look good, know how to accentuate different figures and how much “give” to put into their pieces.


And while I love my Lane Bryant, they’re not the most youthful brand to shop from and the more youthful brands make the curvalicious look a tad tacky at times, which is why my shopping “sprees” lack form of spree.
For right now, as brands get their shit together to actually represent thickness for more than a PR plan, I believe in shopping your aesthetic. There is no one place for big girls that I’m committed to.
Is there a plus-size brand that’s your go-to? Where do think has the best fashion-forward plus-size clothes? Let me know in the comments, bro.

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  • Janiel October 25, 2017 9:53 pm

    Omg 😮 I LOVE YOUR BLOG! All these skinny girls flaunting around their fashion blogs, and I’m over here like….”uuuh where are the real women at? Not the ones who still look 14” — love the realness! Preach it girl!

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