Cantina Is The Outdoor Indoor Hangout For Fall

Cantina Is The Outdoor Indoor Hangout For Fall

I get it, it’s cuffing season…

And Summer is way over, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up the Summer fun because the temperature’s changed. If you find yourself craving the outdoor setting that’s typically been restricted to sunnier skies, there are still plenty of hangout spots to get your drink on without freezing your butt off— and mine is Cantina.

Cantina is a Mexican rooftop bar in New York

Finding a rooftop bar that’s still open in 30-degree weather is not an easy feat (which, duh makes sense). But no matter what the temperature, young New Yorkers want to hang where there’s photogenic scenery for Instagram. Cantina may be a rooftop bar in the summer, but in the winter, it closes off into its own little shelter.

While I haven’t seen the place in more tropical temps, the view was impeccable. It was like getting your own light show that was smack dab in midtown Manhattan.

The fact that there are open rooftops is kind of baffling, but all the more reason to not be a couch potato all winter. A lot of my friends shy away from anywhere that’s too crowded, which I totally get. But this was a place that didn’t feel as packed as most places. Which is probably due to the openness of the bar’s see-through shelter.

I’m a hard-core fan of Mexican food (nothing will be the same after my Cozumel vacay), so my ultimate test was whether or not the guac could please my taste buds. The chips were fresh and salted to perfection, and the guac was insanely good. I won’t say it was straight out of the birthplace of the sombrero, but damn close.

I will say that it’s a bit on the pricier side, but there’s a club below the rooftop, where they even do drag shows, and you really want the drinks anyway.

It’s definitely a place you want to be if you enjoy great guac and insane NYC ambiance. And if you get a little nippy, but don’t want to spend the dough, grab an appetizer and cheers with a glass of red.


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