Dear Hollywood: Why the Absence of Opposite-Sized Couples in TV & Film?

Dear Hollywood: Why the Absence of Opposite-Sized Couples in TV & Film?

In Other Words…

Why not show how all relationships are represented? There’s always been ‘a certain way’ relationships are portrayed in TV and film, and how society believes they should look.

A muscular tall, dark and handsome ‘belongs’ with a shapely Victoria’s Secret-looking blonde

Wake up, people! More often than not, everyday people don’t look like this. In fact, we’re attracted to people who most would least expect us to be with, and I personally, can attest to that.


Despite my ranting, I have to give it up for a few honorable mentions in TV. We’ve moved the needle a smidge with shows like “Younger,” showing us younger and older people can both be adults as well as “This is Us” star, Chrissy Metz’ character finds love despite her character’s insecurities with her weight.

But There Isn’t Enough of It.

Joe Jonas’ band, DNCE, for example, had premiered its music video “Toothbrush” a while back, and everyone was Fu-loored when they saw the disproportions between Joe and leading video vixen, Ashley Graham:

Not Every Movie in Film “Requires”…

a skinny white woman and a skinny white man. In fact, I think it may be more common for males to be smaller than the women (sorry, Joe). I’m black, but my ex-boyfriend was white. I’m 5’9 and plus-sized, but he was 5’6 and skinny. I know you’re giving me the eyes, but it’s always looked down upon if your relationship doesn’t meet society’s (or Hollywood’s) standards. Eff that! Love who you love even if there are physical differences.
But we hardly EVER see relationships like Ashley and Joe’s fake on-screen one. The Real Deal: people are uncomfortable with this fact. Let’s be real, Ashley looked like she could’ve squished Joe, but despite that, the two looked very in love (she’s obvi married though).
Agree or disagree? Do you think there needs to be better representation of different types of couples like these? Let me know what you think in the comments (I actually read this stuff).

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