Don’t Shame Her Slim

Don’t Shame Her Slim

The standard of beauty.

This phrase is overused and inaccurate. I hate this phrase because it doesn’t make sense. How can we possibly define what’s beautiful when its definition is just about as vague as the definition of love. Neither word is definitive, yet the world we live in manages to draft up some false concept of what the standard should be.


This thin, tan, lippy, and silent fantasy of a woman is how men depicted beauty in their women. While that’s so 1870’s, it still remains a staple female identity that we should all try to replicate, and in some unfortunate cases, die trying.

Women have fought it, but…

We still manage to bring each other down. Women and fashion have made huge strides in pursuing inclusion of all body types, but now that confidence in more curvier women has turned into what I call “slim hate”.


The body positivity movement has come a long way in making flaws a fad, but for those who still strive for thinness get slammed with judgement. This is what you don’t wanna do.

I’m confused as to how this body shaming came out of this movement because the message of the movement is in the name. Say it with me:

“Body Positive”

So, if you’re someone who’s a culprit of this, I’ll put it to you in a way you can relate to. Take a moment to close your eyes and reminisce on how you felt when someone shamed you for your appearance in any way. Didn’t feel too good, did it?

If I missed something or you feel like you’re not getting your own message across about body shaming, speak your point of view in the comments below.

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