Dude, Where’s Your Plus-Size Section?

Dude, Where’s Your Plus-Size Section?

While This is One of the Most Awkward Questions…

…to ask the sales associates at any store, it can become even more awks if s/he replies with “Oh sorry, we don’t have one”.


Sorry…Try again. What do you mean “we don’t have one?”

As I work in Soho in NYC, there’s this delusion that fat girls don’t shop in soho. I say this bc when I walked into the nearest F21, I looked around for a directory (to avoid asking the awk-ass question) and when I couldn’t find it, I roamed around the entire store in search of a plus sign next to the store logo. 


Not so shockingly enough, this is a problem throughout most clothing retail stores. On top of that, if there IS an existing plus section, it’s typically smaller than even the men’s department 😒(Also no Lane Bryant in sight).

I did, however, find out that New York & Co. sells plus-sized tops.



I’ll give a light finger clap to that one. 

(Heading) Still. Gotta. Do. Better. 

Did retail forget that the average size for a woman is a size 16?🤔Maybe. Maybe not. But idk how you missed supermodel Ashley Grahm or bloggers (and now models) Gabi Fresh and Nadia Aboulhosn.


There’s still a lot of sizeism because plus is still underrepresented. And you can test my theory. Step into any clothing store and ask the awkward question (hint: it’s in the post title 😘). And if they say yes, compare its department size to others (also find out how many pieces you ACTUALLY like in that tiny collection). 

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? Have you found a heap of clothes you like? Have you tested my theory? Tell me! Tell me! 👇

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