How You Should Think Pink As A Nude

How You Should Think Pink As A Nude

Okay, I’ll say it…

Pink is the new nude and I’m kind of obsessed with it. Growing up and playing with Barbies kind of made it inevitable that the “girly” color was always a fave of mine.

Anything pink or bedazzled, I reached for it on a mall rack somewhere in a store. Obviously, once I got older I thought I’d outgrown the color. However, that was before millennial pink became the crazed shade that sprouted from my generation. Now, I have come to “think pink” as a nude to match with almost anything.

But don’t just wear any shade of pink

I imagine here’s a shade out there to match everyone (since I’m more on the chocolate side of the melanin spectrum. Plush, peachy, and my fave, millennial are the shades I shoot for because I’ve wiggled it into my wardrobe ever since. Also, the lighter the shade the more you can pass it off as nude.


Clearly, even though I’ve grown up, I’m not yet ready to part with my favorite girly girl color. And why should I? I know I’m still a child at heart and it’s a color that makes for a super cute nude knockoff.

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