It’s Spring! Quit Covering Curves

It’s Spring! Quit Covering Curves

A spring day has sprung.

It’s Friday, my lovelies, and finally, a day in which I can free my chubby little legs from their cocoon that is denim. I’ve been waiting all year for this because this is when Bod Pos is at its highest.

Gabi Fresh: Our Favorite Curve is Your Smile

This girl is on fiiiirrreee, when it comes to being a leading inspiration to this booming social media trend. She and Ashley Grahm are some of the masterminds behind the #SwimsuitsForAll campaign, targeting women of all ages, backgrounds and of course, body types. Here are some of the women who showed off their sexy suits:


Many women, myself included, were empowered by this summery suit collection. It included women of all shapes and sizes and encouraged them to stop covering up their beautiful bodies. Some of the hashtags supporting this movement included #plussize #swimsuitsforall #sizesexy and #curvesfordays.

I hated Summer.

Around this time of year, I was very insecure about showing off my legs because of how thick they were. When this swimsuit line came out, I was pretty excited, to say the least. Days, where you can simply be yourself and not give a rat’s behind about what anyone has to say, are the best days. It’s super hot, but you’re embarrassed by your body when who cares. Not you, I hope. They’re not paying the bills.



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