You can shop Lizzo’s snake print one-piece that she twerked in — and it’s under $50

You can shop Lizzo’s snake print one-piece that she twerked in — and it’s under $50

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Almost every day, I write about what celebrities wore that you can actually buy. I love those articles because it reminds me that even the 1 percent isn’t immune to shopping cheap looks. But what low-key makes me dread writing those pieces is that many celebrities shop “regular people” brands that aren’t size-inclusive. But Lizzo’s snake print one-piece swimsuit is a chic call-out for us big girls.

I love Lizzo to pieces

Say what you want about the girl’s music (I love that, too), but one thing that’s not debatable is her style. This is the part of my article where I remind you that fat women (let alone the Black ones), aren’t often afforded the title of being a style icon. I’m still shocked Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 in that time. However, Lizzo’s snake print one-piece swimsuit is just another testament to being that (fat) bitch!

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Now, for where to buy the darn thing. Surprise, surprise, I bet you didn’t think this sick snake print one piece would be from Yandy, did you?

Plus Size Lagos Plunging Wrap One Piece, $43.95

Credit: Yandy

The swimsuit comes in the sexy snake print Lizzo wore that features a deep v-neck. Not to mention, the back of the swimsuit gives you a strappy halter look with a high cut thong.

It’s not easy finding plus size swimsuits that make you feel sexy. Shoot, the Tabria Major’s collection with Fashion to Figure is the closest I’ve gotten to feeling sexy in a swimsuit. No seriously, see for yourself:

While there’s always been an underlying rule that plus size women (and their clothing) can’t be sexy, some brands are breaking that outdated rule. And honestly, thank goodness because now I can write and shop my own stories.

How do you feel about Lizzo’s swimsuit? Is plus size swimwear already sexy? What more can brands do? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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