My Love/Hate Relationship with Shapewear

My Love/Hate Relationship with Shapewear
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If it wasn’t bad enough…

That all of us have to dress like penguins for interviews for jobs that we might hate and feel overqualified for, meet shapewear. The bullshit to suck you, and your fat, in.

I Love shapewear!

I know I sound crazy, but it’s nice to feel (fake) skinny for a few hours. It motivates us to actually push our fat asses into the gym to work on our bods. Also, if you can’t seem to shove that last bit of tummy into those tight jeans that make your ass look great, voila, Spanx. I think shapewear is definitely something that women of all shapes and sizes will keep in their closets when digging through their closet for the tightest ootd. I know I’ve found myself jumping, hopping, and falling all over my room trying to convince myself “it still fits”.

But, I hate it too

While I love how shapewear is something I can buy to ‘suck it in’ for me, shapewear can be uncomfortable as fuck! I can’t stand it when I still manage to chafe while wearing the half body suit. I’ve tried all different versions of shapewear, too. The panty version gives me an unwanted thong, the shorts show the dip in my fat thighs, and it just feels like I’m about to bust out of it at any moments notice. It’s the most uncomfortable piece of lingerie (?) that I keep in my drawers.

And don’t even think about wearing it out to the club…

If you want to rub on guys while you wine, good luck! You probably won’t even be able to feel ‘it’ for this tight ass shit will make your ass go numb. And I can’t help but be paranoid that he can feel my under armor riding up. Em-barrassing!

What’s your most uncomfortable shapewear story? Do you even bother anymore and let it all hang? Tell me in comments, dude!

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