New Year, more me time

New Year, more me time

It’s a new year, but…

that doesn’t mean you should be actin brand new like you hate with your hot bod. Every year, peopler always making the leap into fitness. And you too should always make an effort to improve yourself, but as you ALREADY are. And self-care is a huge part of that.

The way I rung in the New Year…

was to get shit-faced on some cheap-ass vodka. While you may not think this qualifies as self-care, it’s definitely representative of me time I mellowed out from all those shots that helped ease the stress that was 2017. I didn’t get straight A’s my last semester without at least once considering jumping out the window.
For others though, I recommend the best way to really understand and appreciate yourself is to start with a shopping spree. That is, if your budget allows for it. Treating yourself to some nice things that show off who you are is the best kind of rejuvenation.

Another way to spend me time is to go out…ALONE.

I learned to understand and appreciate who I was as a person by enjoying a lot of ‘me time’. And you should do the same. Don’t be embarrassed about being the ‘lonely fat girl’ in public because that’s what you’re chill time is for. To quit getting caught up in your own paranoia, thinking about what other people might be thinking about you. I’ve been there and it’ll drive you nuts.

Take more selfies…and DON’T post them.

The last thing you want is an audience during your ‘me time’. Don’t welcome the social media Satan into your life until you say so. Take nudes, even more selfies, and dance that gorgeous flappy ass off in the mirror. Don’t be intimidated by anyone because no one’s fucking watching you be you. Take a moment to look at what yourself and appreciate your beautiful self. Me time is what’ll get you through this new year and the next

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