Am I Not Plus Enough to be Featured?

Am I Not Plus Enough to be Featured?

First of All…

Yes! You are. You are perfect as is, and eff anyone who says otherwise.

Whew. Let’s move on, shall we? I’ve gathered that there is definitely a certain type of woman that gets represented in traditional media. You know the type…Thin, white, and blonde. And while there’s nothing wrong with that look, there are millions of real people who don’t (and won’t) look like that. 

Yeah, no shit, Ari… So, what else? 

I’m getting there… Like now. I’ve realized that even on the plus side of things, there is still social media to judge who’s page or profile is better at showcasing plus-size. 

Feature Pages

Now, can somebody tell me what the difference is between a feature page and a popularity contest? Cuz I’m stumped. Essentially, Women ‘apply’ to be featured on (typically) an Instagram page by either tagging the page in the curvy cutie’s photo or include the page’s specified hashtag to be featured in their Instagram feed. My issue is there are a lot of plus-size pages that feature “their” type of plus-size. 

Pay attention, kids.There are various sizes that are considered “plus”. But many times, these pages will choose to promote and represent ☝️ out of those 10 sizes. 

Now tell me,

WTF was the point of this whole inclusion thing? To include…like… everybody. The fact that there is still place to select one person over another because of size (within the plus-size community) is kind of crazy to me. Can we just create a page to showcase beautiful women of all sizes (and actually mean ALL sizes). Please and thank you. 

Do you think feature pages are wack like I do? What would you do better if you ran your own? Give me something to think about and comment, comment comment!

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