To get through my period, I just wear these two products and my favorite undies

To get through my period, I just wear these two products and my favorite undies

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Wake up, boo. It’s 2020 — and we’re in a pandemic. Cute. Now that you’re over that, let me tell you about my period protection.

You’re curious. How could you not be, though? I actually just got my period again, and I have to say, I was kinda excited about it. Now, I can really brag about my secret on how I made myself comfortable enough to wear my favorite underwear and take my morning walks, all while flow tries to murk my uterus.

The key to my period protection is this little disk called Flex.

Peep it here: FLEX Menstrual Discs – 12ct, $14.99

Credit: Target

I know it looks weird, so let me explain. The Flex disk is this flexible palm-sized disc with an attached pouch to catch your flow. I personally like wearing this because it keeps me dry for hours if it put it in right (see how-to video here). One thing I didn’t expect it to do was alleviate my cramps…to a point. The disc goes in like a CD rom. Hopefully, you, reading this, still knows what that is. The black rim bends and flexes to your inner workings and for some people (like me), it does alleviate cramps.

Now, Flex lets me wear my coziest underoos, but it doesn’t eliminate my cramps completely. However, the rest of my (sort of) “period pack” does get rid of those shitty suckers.

Peep it here: Melt CBD Lotion 2 oz, $39.99

Credit: Kush Queen

Kush Queen, a CBD lifestyle brand had sent me a nice little CBD care package, and in it was this gem of a product (that I didn’t know was a gem, yet). When my go-to pain relief pills “wasn’t giving what it was supposed to gave,” I tried a more alternative route. Maybe it was a little irresponsible, but as soon as I saw “specifically engineered for relief” in the product description, I used it on my lower tummy. The water-based lotion also absorbs into the skin, so it doesn’t get all over my cute undies. Plus, it features 20 essential oils known to aid the body

Not going to lie, my cramps still hurt like a bitch after first applying it. However, within about an hour and a half, the period pain did finally subside for real, and I didn’t have to apply it for another ~about~ five hours. Now, every body is different (see what I did there?). I can’t promise that this is a guaranteed potion to get rid of your period pain. However, between me and my sister, we’ve both ridden our crimson waves and kept the cramps at bay with this CBD lotion. Plus, it’s easier than swallowing pills. Another alternative I use (that you can also use if you have pain during sex) is this WldKat Sex Serum also for $39.

Peep it here: Prebiotic + pH Balanced Sex Serum, $39

Credit: Credo Beauty

What does your period protection pack look like? Do you use a cup, a disc, a tampon, pads? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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