Plus size-friendly Black Friday deals that are so worth it

Plus size-friendly Black Friday deals that are so worth it

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It’s officially Black Friday, and I’m exhausted because this is the only content I’ve been hitting at my real n!kka job. However, the plus size Black Friday deals out there have gone over my head. How? I don’t know, but let’s make up for lost time, shall we?

Last year, most of us weren’t in quarantine. As some may have noticed, my own fashion content has been lackluster because I’ve been wearing the same 3 outfits (I. Know. Okay?). The plus size Black Friday deals that I think are worth shelling out money for are the necessities or pieces that can help you adjust to quarantine life. Because really, we’ll be at home for a while.

Now is the time to spend where you need to. Hyper-consumerism is a real thing and this quarantine certainly didn’t help. I, myself have been thinking of working out more and am think of snagging a new pair of discounted leggings from Girlfriend Collective, which goes up to a 5X. Consider snagging a new winter coat from Old Navy — where it’s literally 50 percent off everything. Plus, if you’re feeling lazy and want someone else to dress you, think about swiping up a new outfit from Universal Standard’s Black Friday sale that’s offering 50 outfits up to 50 percent off.

As you (my curvy queens, kings and nonbinary royalties) know, we fatties spend more on clothes — especially with quality materials. Please know you don’t need to buy something from every brand on this list of sales. Shop smarter, not harder and take a peek at these plus size fashion deals for Black Friday that I’m personally digging.

All of Girlfriend Collective‘s compression leggings are up to 50 percent off until Nov. 30

Universal Standard outfits are up to 50 percent off

Sustainable underwear brand Parade is offering 30 percent off site-wide but only for 24 hours on Black Friday

Torrid is offering 50 percent off its entire site and 30 percent off its Betsey Johnson collaboration.

For today only, shoppers can nab 40 percent off at Fashion to Figure.

Black woman-owned brand Rebdolls has its entire site up to 70 percent off

Lane Bryant shoppers can grab $25 bras, $25 sweaters and items up to 40 percent off.

ModCloth’s Black Friday sale includes 30 percent off full-priced items while sale is an extra 40 percent off.

Not gonna lie to you, I just bought some Parade underwear while writing this, but no regrets because they feel amaze-balls on my butt. What are you buying or what have you bought already for Black Friday? Is it a gift or a self care moment for you? Tell me whatchu gettin’ in the comments!

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