Plus Size Co-ords Are The Lazy Cool Girl Fall Must-Have

Plus Size Co-ords Are The Lazy Cool Girl Fall Must-Have
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I’m not gonna lie…

I am fat and I am lazy. It’s a fat person stereotype that I fit…well, to a degree. Like a lot of people, I don’t always like to put in extra effort, especially within my wardrobe. But as I began building my growing collection of clothes, which has now destroyed my garment wrack, I noticed something. My wrack had accumulated a bunch of plus size co-ords.

A plus size co-ord is the easiest kind of wardrobe pick

Does anyone ever pay attention to the pattern of what they add into their cart when they’re online shopping? Because I sure don’t. It’s probably why I hadn’t peeped my own co-ord obsession all this time.

My process for shopping online is that you should throw every item you like into the cart. Once you’re done scoping out the site, go through your cart and determine what are the top looks. I always take into account which pieces are standalone looks and what are just…pieces. Once I’m over everything else on the page, I pick the looks that I think I “can’t live without.”

Like I said, I’m lazy some days. So when I come across a stain I didn’t notice on a shirt I had planned to wear, tossing on a co-ord set is always my OOTD rescue plan. So if you’re clumsy with staining your shirts like me, you should make co-ords your plan B, too.

This co-ord from Boohoo caught my eye because it was calling my inner Sporty Spice. And because co-ords are so simple, you can literally throw any coat on top to chic sh*t up.

Co-ords are having a moment right now, and I honestly think Juicy Couture’s tracksuits have something to do with it. While I always wear white sneaks with pretty much all of my looks, it adds to the sportiness that serves killer “I’m cool like that” vibes.

More often than not, I rock my co-ord sets to the occasional sports bar or any small apartment get-together and sometimes even if I just want to be cute while running to the grocery store, it makes life easier.

Co-ord sets and tracksuits, I feel, are a huge nod to the 2000s and it’s clear that sometimes the best outfits are the ones that are stuck in the past.

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