Put a Fork in It: I Love Food

Put a Fork in It: I Love Food

So, as a Long-Time BG(Big Girl)…

I’ve always had this fear of eating in front of people (specifically, skinny bitches), but as I’ve gotten older, the paranoia’s worsened. For some reason, I find that no matter what the food (or the amount), I’m still catching eyes.
The worst I’ve experienced it is usually at school and/or in the office, but never with strangers in a park or at the food court. Only in the places where it really matters. In a sense, I guess I have a superpower for catching people stare at my eating habits. Regardless of if I’m ACTUALLY trying to be healthy and eat a salad or choosing the sushi substituting the brown rice over the white, I can’t seem to win.
Most of my friends, who are “in shape”, will consistently say “oh you’re just paranoid”, but in actuality, I’m not. One of my biggest pet peeves is watching and/or catching people watch me.



I just convince myself that I’m a beautiful being and people are simply in awe of my fat ass and cute face *hairflip*
Have you ever had foodie paranoia? Tell me your story in the comments below. (I’m actually very curious to know)

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