Recipe: “Doing the Most” Hot Cocoa

Recipe: “Doing the Most” Hot Cocoa

Lest you need a reminder: It’s Hot Chocolate season — or PSL season depending on who you’re talking to. Though the weather isn’t quite yet frightful here in New York, a cozy warm beverage like my “Doing the Most” Hot Cocoa recipe is, however, a delightful treat to put you in the cold weather mood.

As I, and probably many others, battle seasonal depression (read: your girl is unemployed and freelancing *deep sigh*), I’m finding new ways to remember this life is still mine and I can choose happiness if I want to, and so should you. Enter my bougie AF hot chocolate recipe.



Directions for Hot Chocolate

  • Add 1 + 1/2 cups of vanilla oat milk to the pot on low-medium heat
  • Use 2 tsp of French vanilla syrup and mix well
  • Once simmering, sprinkle in ground cinnamon, and stir well
  • Pour 1 packet of your hot cocoa mix and stir with a large spoon
  • Stir until combined, then whisk and/or froth the mixture
  • Turn heat down to low and stir in marshmallows until slightly melted, remove marshmallows and set aside
  • Pour the remaining hot cocoa mix into a mug
  • Top off hot chocolate off with whipped cream and squeeze in slightly melted marshmallows on top
  • Top marshmallows and whipped cream with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon
  • Enjoy!

When you get a taste of this, you’ll likely be completely spoiled and refuse all other hot chocolates offered to you. After having my bestie over to try it out, he too was hooked. It’s honestly the best hot drink for friends. Plus, if you’re feeling frisky, you can totally swap out the oat milk for merlot. Ultimately though, you never really outgrow hot chocolate. Have you tried this recipe out for yourself or for friends? What do you think? Drop a comment and speak on it, fam!

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