I tried Pattern Beauty’s styling products on my type 4 hair. Now, my thoughts

I tried Pattern Beauty’s styling products on my type 4 hair. Now, my thoughts

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Let me start this off by saying I’ve become a natural hair fanatic in quarantine. I probably never would have even touched my hair this much had I not had so much time on my hands. But now, I have my review of the Pattern Beauty stylers on lock and ready to give my thoughts on this trendy haircare brand from miss Ross herself.

I can’t say I’m a styling product snob, but as a Type 4 haired girl, myself, I can’t help but notice what does or doesn’t give my head, in particular, super defined curls. It’s always a challenge for me to overcome, but I’m always curious to see which beauty brands will step up to the plate. Pattern Beauty is one of them.

As I was trying the products and testing their abilities on my coiled ends, I couldn’t help but notice how nourishing all of them are. Before I did my review of the Pattern Beauty stylers I tried every single one on different wash days.

When I first started my wash day routine, I started with a new addition to the shower products — the Clarifying Shampoo. I love, love, love this shampoo because it truly doesn’t strip the hair. In fact, I felt as though my hair was more nourished with just the shampoo. But I still put in my Heavy Conditioner from Pattern as well as the Leave-in conditioner. I don’t play with moisture in this house.

But let me get into the real deets of my experience with the product, which you can shop below, too (Pssst! I’m also doing a giveaway for the mini stylers on my Instagram).

Peep it here: Clarifying Shampoo, $20

Credit: Pattern

Just to give you some context, I’ve already tried the first Hydrating Shampoo from Pattern, but it doesn’t compare. This clarifying shampoo gets the gunk out from old box braids. And if you’re trying to get rid of the product that was already there, this shampoo wipes it cleans it away — without stripping your hair.

Peep it here: Mist Spray Bottle, $13

Credit: Pattern

I know it’s a tad expensive to buy a spray bottle. However, this one leaves behind a super fine mist (it’s kinda bougie, I know). You can shop a similar one on Amazon for $6, but on the other hand, you’ll be supporting a Black-owned business when you shop Miss Ross 🙂

Peep it here: Curl Gel, $25

Credit: Pattern

Okay, so this may be the reigning champ of the stylers. As a Type 4 naturalista, this curl gel gives hella definition for a twist-out. Plus, this doesn’t make your hair crunchy either. But, if you want some super soft curls, that’s where the next styler comes in.

Peep it here: Styling Cream, $25

Credit: Pattern

I’m actually giving the styling cream another shot because I absolutely love the texture. However, for my twist-out, the definition lasted for about a day. Keep in mind, it’s July in NYC, so my expectations weren’t that high. However, I will say that the curl gel lasted through a (socially-distanced) photoshoot with one fan.

Peep it here: Strong Hold Gel, $25

Credit: Pattern

I’m not always a slicked style girl because of my very coily hair. But I was pleased with the stronghold gel because it still held everything down without before using a scarf to let my hair sit. I think its a serious competitor for the longtime reigning champ Eco Styling gel, but I’d say this is a bit thicker in consistency for coily types like mine.

Peep it here: Edge Control, $12

Credit: Pattern

I’m an edge control freak because I can never get mine to look quite like my sister’s baby hairs. However, the consistency of this is thick. It’s about as this as the Kiss Edge fixer, which I think is stiffer than the Edge Style Booster gel. Since it’s made with the intent not to damage your edges, it doesn’t hold up the best against heat and sweat, but it still holds enough to not be noticeable.

Peep it here: Hydrating Mist, $18

Credit: Pattern

So the pump on my bottle tapped out on me, but before it did, I actually liked the mist, it offers a nice rejuvenation to your day 2 or day 3 (in my case, it’s day 2) twist-out. However, I don’t know if it’s necessary for you to buy. I shopped the mini size to try on for size, and I love that’s its more creamier than water-based. But that could also be why my pumped tapped out. Personally, I only need one hair refresh spritzer at a time. And if your routine is already all Pattern Beauty-based, then I’d add to cart.

Have you shopped and/or done a review of the Pattern Beauty stylers? Which products are your favorite? What can you live without? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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