Rihanna With a Thickness: YAAASSS

Rihanna With a Thickness: YAAASSS

Let’s Talk About Thickanna for a Second.


Now I wouldn’t consider Rhianna a member of the plus-size world, but it has been noticed for a while that our founder of foundation (she spent 2 years making that formula. Don’t fight me) has gotten a little more meat on her backside, front side and thighside. 

From Thin to Thick

I’m glad to see Rih in a happy and healthy mood. But let’s be real for a moment. We NEVER read headlines about someone GETTING fatter and praising then for it 

So Whassup World?

What’s good wit you society? Of course, IT’S RIHANNA!!! But if we’re boosting one’s weight gain and detonating another’s with our comments…Well…Get your life! Cuz 🎵you look (AND sound) so dumb right now🎵

When Rih DID in fact address the rumors of getting thicker in the thighs, you know what she did? Not a mutha freakin’ thing. HELLOOOO, SHE’S RIHANNA. 

For the fat-shamimg culprits out there, you only look hypocritical and, therefore, stupid. Stop prioritizing one’s fat girl tendencies over other’s. It just don’t make no damn sense (I said what I said & you know what I said😜). 

Are you hoping Thickanna Rihanna embraces and maintains this newer thicker fresher look? Let me know in the comments below.   

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