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You Won’t Believe This Chic Piece Was My First Fashion Nova Buy

Blog Fashion Featured October 1, 2018 0 Comments
1Fashion Nova
2Forever 21
3Steve Madden

For the longest time… I had a bone to pick with Fashion Nova. It was an Instagram brand. And despite my 23 years on earth classifying me as a “Gen-Lennial”, I’m old school and I prefer a real-life shop. Not to mention, based on the outfits on the brand’s ‘Gram, Fashion Nova isn’t exactly the place to buy Sunday Churchwear.…

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Refinery 29Rooms Actually Made Me Feel Insecure

Blog Featured Lifestyle September 17, 2018 0 Comments

Every year I missed out… September came around and Refinery 29Rooms would suddenly appear on my calendar. Every year, I’d sit from my couch watching friends take their HD pics with the latest smartphone. This year, though, I was prepped and ready to take snapshots of my own for some of the most Instagram-worthy content ever. Refinery 29Rooms wasn’t what I expected What does this…

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5 Things I wish people understood about fat women

Blog Featured Lifestyle August 29, 2018 0 Comments
2Forever 21
3Chinese Laundry

I’ve moaned and groaned… about everything from the way fat women in media are portrayed to learning how to wear you the best way possible. However, we’ve still got a long way to go before we can fully comprehend that fat people are just people. So, to remind you of how ignorant you still are, I’ve rounded out what I…

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Dresses Are Evil If Your Ass is Big

Blog Fashion Featured August 8, 2018 1 Comments
2Sam Edelman

Normally, I don’t do dresses. A dress is the one item of clothing that makes me feel less than comfortable in my body. All day long, you’ll pull and fidget with wedgies and length. Plus size dresses in particular make me look ridiculous because of my ass-to-waist ratio. No, that’s not me bragging, and on my low days, I can’t’…

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White Boys are Afraid of Me

Blog Featured Lifestyle June 22, 2018 1 Comments
1Forever 21
3Burlington Coat Factory
4Sam Edelman

There’s something really curious… about men and how different types of men vary in response to dating. Growing up in a predominately white neighborhood, a lot of my celebrity crushes encompassed either Jesse McCartney, Nick Jonas or Ryan Cabrera (yeah, I admit to that). But in my mind, I knew early on that the guys who absolutely just wouldn’t (and…

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