This Minimalist “Saved By The Bell” Inspired Ice Cream Shop Is In The Bronx

This Minimalist “Saved By The Bell” Inspired Ice Cream Shop Is In The Bronx
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Every workplace I’ve ever worked in…

has always asked the question “where are you from?” Which is hard for me to answer because there have been a couple of places. But The Bronx was my growth spurt place. There’s always a negative connotation of The Bronx, but I always think “ya’ll got it oh so wrong, but that’s okay! Sleep on us.” It was stumbling upon this Ice Cream shop inspired by Saved by The Bell that put a Cheshire’s Cat smile on my face, knowingly. It’s called Ice Scream, and it came straight out of the Mall at Bay Plaza.

I know going to the mall, to some people, sounds lame but we’re talking about a mall that’s still in NYC. Why I had a Starbucks (yes, a Dunkin Donuts colonizer) right off of Pelham Parkway that very morning.

Saved by The Bell is Nostalgic AF

There’s nothing better to pull at your heartstrings than the mention of Slater, Screech and the gang. And though, yes, it’s freaking cold outside, you can’t deny there’s something comforting about ice cream that makes it appealing all year round. I’m also not just selling you on its looks, nostalgia magic, and Instagrammability, the ice cream tastes SO good. My sister and I had The Cookie Monster ( blue vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie chunks). Not to mention, they make it look like the furry cookie fanatic:


Though I can’t lie, the place photographs very well for your Insta feed:

“The nitrogen ice cream is made to order, it can be tailored to dietary restrictions. Diabetic, vegan, lactose-intolerant, and gluten-free eaters can all find a combo that doesn’t upset their systems,” they posted on Instagram. My sister and I spoke to the owner and they soon plan on releasing more flavors, including a unicorn ice cream.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of cute little treasures that can be found in the birthplace of hip-hop, but it’s cool if you’re not into the BX, it could be too real for yah anyways

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