What My Natural Hair Journey Was Really Like With 4C Hair

What My Natural Hair Journey Was Really Like With 4C Hair

The funny thing about my natural hair journey is that doing the big chop was never a thought in my mind. But sadly, I was forced to cut it out of my own stupidity. I was livid (with myself) because I envisioned going natural differently. More specifically, I had planned to transition from permed ends to my natural naps. Unfortunately, (sorry to admit this) I, like many other Black girls, knew nothing about my kinky hair.

Why didn’t I do my Natural Hair big chop from the jump?

My natural hair journey started when I parted from my hood haven that is El Bronx. Heading off to college in a city that was mere miles from Canada, I figured the chances were slim to none in finding a hairdresser who knew how to style my 4C locks. But like many Black natural-headed women, I opted for box braids immediately. Looking back, I think I didn’t have the courage to do the big chop personally because I was afraid short hair would draw even more attention to my body. With no hair to hide behind, I felt vulnerable and I didn’t need to feel any more of that in a predominantly white school.

Year 3 since the big chop/the first selfie wearing my natural hair out

Like many uneducated natural hair enthusiasts, I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I went natural. A lot of my Black girlfriends are natural and I figured “I’m responsible enough to do my hair since I’m living that ‘College Life’.”

I was not (at all) responsible enough.

I Knew NOTHING About Black Hair

Grabbing the scissors was the moment I realized I was very out-of-touch with my kinky roots. I cut off all my hair unevenly. Who would have thought I was supposed to comb the hair out before washing it? But alas.

My Natural Hair Today (combed)

Since chopping off my hair in 2013 (wow, it’s been a whole six years) I still don’t really know a damn thing about my hair or how I should take care of it. But experimenting with afros, braids, wigs, puffs, and other natural hairstyles has lessened the hair hate I used to have.

My Natural Hair Today…With A Blowout

On the sunnier side though, my natural roots have grown more than I ever thought they could when they were permed. Now seeing so many other beautiful Black women rock natural hair makes me feel like I’m a part of something that’s much bigger than my 4C kinks.

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