Wilhelmina No Longer Mean???

Wilhelmina No Longer Mean???


Wilhelmina Models has been one of the world’s top modeling agencies that have launched the careers of many small-town girls. If you’re not into the whole “modeling scene”, you may recognize the name as being a Sponsor for the earlier seasons of America’s Next Top Model (ya know, before Rita Ora ruined the show and got fired from hosting).

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The Bigger News…Duh!

Wilhelmina has typically been known for hosting casting calls for the thinner girl, but as of today, things are-a-changin’. This morning on Twitter, Wilhelmina posted an open call for curvy cuties to strut their stuff to potentially be represented by the worldwide brand.

This is a YUUUGGGGEEEE step for #BodyPos as they’ve rarely represented plus and curvy models before.

There’s STILL a Problem.

While it’s great that Wilhelmina is expanding their representation, my issue with this open call is the prerequisite. The open call asks that models be 5’9 or taller (yay me, I just made it) and be between the sizes of 8-18. Ummm…yeah, that’s not me nor is it a lot of beautiful curvy women. I’ve been seeing this a lot lately where agencies want curvy women “to a certain extent”. *Insert dramatic eye roll*

To Wilhelmina: baby steps, I get it, but you should also get that there are a lot of women who are gorgeous and STILL don’t and won’t meet your half-assed standards.

If you were a modeling agency, what would you require of your potential models? Comment below!


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