“Wings” Suck—My Flabby Arms Don’t Fit in These Damn Sleeves!

“Wings” Suck—My Flabby Arms Don’t Fit in These Damn Sleeves!

Yesterday, I had no idea what to write for this post…

That is, until I got dressed that morning and my wings (aka arm fat) were struggling to fit through the sleeves.

When I still worked in retail, one of the benefits was the employee discount. DUH!! The store I worked at was expensive as shit and as per usual, the quality was pure shit. The biggest issue I had though was that there were very few times I could abuse my discount as the store only carried S,M, and L. In EVERYTHING!!! And not an extra large in sight, bro.

So when I decided to wear an item I’d purchased long ago…

I couldn’t get my “wings” (as my haters like to call them) through the sleeves. Literally, the entire day I wore the top, I felt the  circulation in my arms cutting off. Mind you, I’m wearing a large. Obvi!


It pisses me off that wings have literally prevented me from buying some of the cutest tops just because there’s no room for them to breathe. There have been numerous times when I thought I could shop within the regular sizes (still a large) and the only thing preventing me from making the purchase was my fucking ARMS! As mundane as it sounds, it’s a legit issue and it makes me never want to wear sleeveless tops.

Wings are one of my biggest insecurities

Come summertime, I’m still dying to rock a full-blown sweater because I can’t stand the sight of my flab or my stretch marks hanging out for everyone to take a glimpse at. The thing about wings is that clothing that covers you up may not fit, but I’ll be damned if I wear a tank top in the office like every other gluten-free bitch sitting around your desk.

What’s your most embarrassing moment that you’ve had with your “wings”? Tell me in the comments, thickness!!!  

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