There’s “Women’s” and then there’s “Plus”

There’s “Women’s” and then there’s “Plus”

Classification is a Touchy Subject

The way we classify people is also what puts them in a box. Sure, it’s for their marketing purposes, but can the fashion industry come up with a classification for thicker and curvier women that’s more than a symbol on my keyboard. Therein lies the question:

Are plus-size women not considered women in the fashion industry?

While you’re bored and binge-surfing the web for the latest trends in fashion, you may have noticed that separate from the Women’s dept. is the “Plus” dept. My basic question for all of this is…why?

The inclusion of larger sizes is definitely a huge foot forward when it comes to representation. The biggest issue that I’ve found throughout online sites is the fact that we are now almost segregating women based solely upon body type.

Women are women. Period. Point blank.

forever 21 plus

Yes, we classify women in fashion based on shape,

but does that mean plus-size women have to be considered “plus” before they’re considered women? I find it unfair to those with a little extra meat. Plus-size women may not want to be considered “plus”, but rather “curvy” or “thick”. The terminology of how we phrase sizing charts and products in fashion is kind of crucial. Think about it. The term “plus” has been used across the board, and in actuality, it may not be that precise in a product description.

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