Yeah, It’s Cold, but Chub Rub is Still an Issue

Yeah, It’s Cold, but Chub Rub is Still an Issue

Anybody with thick thighs

knows that chub rub is a serious problem. It’ll sneak up on you at the most impractical time and even when you think your #ootd is on point and your chub rub free, you start to feel the sweat that lotioned the space between your legs go away.

What really sucks…

is that chub rub prevents me from comfortably wearing the outfits I really want to show off. Like, c’mon, who has never wanted to just walk into the office and stunt on these hoez that act like they never left high school? Even among the Kevin Spacies, Harvey Weinsteins, and Louis C.K.s, in the office, every fashionista will take a risk to show a little leg.

Dresses, skirts, and drop-crotch pants

These are all things that are plausible and appropriate to wear outside (watch the length of those dresses and skirts, ladies). Unfortunately, these are all things that gals with #NoGap have to constantly deal with. Girls with gaps don’t understand the rashes that form, nor the pain we endure just to get from point “A” to point “B”. And I thought I only had cramps to worry about.

I was stupid to think that when the colder months arrived, chub rub season would have settled. But alas, I didn’t factor in the indoor heat as a cause to rubbing out the skin on my inner thighs.

Here’s how you can help your chaffing woes

  1. Apply lotion immediately after getting out of the shower
  2. Powder down your inner thighs (be generous)
  3. Wear leggings or biker shorts underneath whatever outfit is causing the redness

What are your chub rub horror stories? How do you ease your chaffing and rashes? Let a bitch know in the comments!

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  • Hannah Denton November 25, 2017 8:25 am

    Oh babs!! It’s always much worse in the cold too! I’ll try your tips x

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