Yellow, Orange, & Other Bright Colors That Flex On Dark Skin

Yellow, Orange, & Other Bright Colors That Flex On Dark Skin

Being a fat person, I was always told that darker colors were always going to look “flattering” on me. Little did I know, finding bright colors for dark skin is what I should have worried about. The notion that darker colors are better for fat people isn’t blatantly placed on a sign in some store. However, the dull and boring fat clothes offered on the rack can tell you different.

This is where my fatness doesn’t do any favors for my blackness. In fact, covering up in head-to-toe black, like the New Yorker I am, only made me fade into the background. But I wanted to be front and center stage with my looks.

Bright Colors For Dark Skin Is What Makes You Stand Out

Until I really started using my Instagram as a platform for fashion and beauty, I kept my color palette simple: Black, gray, and white … But mostly black. My friends constantly check me to make sure I wear color because I was consumed by everything dark in my closet. As hard as it is to admit, I didn’t find the beauty in my complexion until I started playing with bold colors in my wardrobe.

Hot pink was the first shade I realized looked amazing on my skin. The brighter the color, the more prominent my melanin appeared. And that’s when dabbling in other shades of makeup, clothes, and accessories took over in my closet.

Bright yellows, oranges and firetruck reds were on and poppin on my skin color. Plus, don’t get me started on neons this season because we’d be here literally all day.

Even in the winter, I try to make a point that color shouldn’t be sacrificed. Sure, finding louder colors in the fall is harder, but the chances of anyone else being so bold with their fall/winter color palette is rare often times.

When it comes to “fatshion” or fashion, never play down the pigment that’s already deep in your skin. Because it’s honestly your wardrobe’s best accessory.

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