Yes, Plus-Size Women DO Eat Healthy

Yes, Plus-Size Women DO Eat Healthy

There’s This Misconception…

That fat girls don’t eat healthy. However, we do. Now I can’t speak for every curvy girl reading this, but I can attest to the fact that I have my healthy days, and then sometimes I’ll have my Fat Albert days, saying “Hey, Hey, Hey” to that third slice of pizza.

In my gaining of weight, I’d like to think that my parents simply loved me too much to say “no, you’ll get fat don’t”, which I can appreciate because my parents never fat-shamed me growing up and instead fed me Brussels sprouts as punishment for being bad.

In addition, I played sports. Yes, sports. As I’m sure many other curvy girls have, thus allowing me to even have curves.


But People LOVE to Throw Shade at a Baddie With A Body

I’ve received SO many insults on my size, such as being called a cow, a house, or that I don’t know what a vegetable is (very unoriginal, I might add). The thing is, us big girls know our limits and we’re happy with what we eat. I, personally, understand that comfort food is a happy place, and simply because the skinny mini haters prefer to eat grass (which actually is a cow’s diet) and chickpeas all damn day, doesn’t mean I have to be as sad and miserable as they are.

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Don’t Get Me Wrong…

Eating the sad green shit is in my diet, but I know how to hook it up so that my meal isn’t completely ruined and I go to the gym…most times (I don’t wanna be too thin, bruh). But usually my exercise consists of dodging and weaving in and around stupid people in NYC who don’t know where they’re going 98% of the time.

All in All

Portions are key. Myself and many other curvy queens eat whatever we want, but it all comes down to how much. Sometimes I barely find time to eat so I eat a lot of little meals or healthy snacks, like fruit or baked lays, throughout the day. And if some fat-shaming chick does happen to look at you sideways when you’re taking a bite out of your salad or even a next helping of pasta, ask her if those are really her eyebrows.

What does your healthy (or junk food) diet consist of? Make me hungry in the comments below, yo.

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