As a lip gloss stan, this lip oil is my new obsession

As a lip gloss stan, this lip oil is my new obsession

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Before I really delved into makeup, I was kind of warding off all lip gloss for a time. It’s sticky and it gets in your hair and I wasn’t with the shits. But the InnBeauty Project Lip Glaze has gotten me to eat my words throughout this entire quarantine.

Honestly, who doesn’t deal with chapped lips? I deal with them all the time, plus I used to deal with a bad case of eczema on and around my lips as a child. Luckily, skincare has advanced, and I’ve stumbled upon something sweeter (and more effective) than other lip care products in the past.

When I tell you this InnBeauty Project Lip Glaze lip oil/gloss hybrid changed my skincare routine, it became almost a natural thing to apply it every morning after sunscreen. I have a lot of lip products, and many of them sit on top of the skin, but this one is so sweet (literally) to apply. It has plumping properties and softens the lip with red root oil to hydrate dry lips while pomegranate exfoliates them. I’ve literally applied this to exfoliate the dead skin off of my lips. Apply, let it sit, and then wipe it off with a napkin. No, seriously. Try it.

The InnBeauty Project Lip Glaze comes in three shades with varying flavors for each, as well: Candy Apple, Berry Jam and Frose. Plus, it’s also fairly affordable. Like, I’m talking $15. Maybe that sounds pricey, but you can also snag all three of them in a bundle for $38. Also, if you swipe the Lip Glaze at Credo Beauty, you can get free shipping all October with the code: OCTOBERSHIP.

Shop: Glaze Lip Oil #1 Candy Apple, $15

Credit: Credo Beauty

Shop: Glaze Lip Oil #2 Berry Jam, $15

Credit: Credo Beauty

Shop: Glaze Lip Oil #3 Frose, $15

Credit: Credo Beauty

Have you tried InnBeauty’s lip glaze? What about the brand overall? Gimme your entire skincare routine in the comments if you want. Seriously..

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