The Pros and Cons to Having Thick Thighs

The Pros and Cons to Having Thick Thighs

While I love my size…

despite what the haters try to tell me—I enjoy being a big girl, because we’re unconventional and people hate when you don’t conform to societal standards. However, there are some limitations when your a thickie with the thighs to match. So I’ve put together a list of pros and cons to having thick thighs on a day-to-day basis.


Sexy thirst-trapping 

I’ve posted my thick thighs on the gram a few times, and former co-workers are sending me the side eye emoji, so I know the trap is working. My thighs are fucking huge, so I know they will more than likely to stand out in your Instagram feed.

Keeping your hands warm 

I almost never wear gloves in the winter time, because I literally can’t function with those huge things blockading the use of my phone. So, if I have a phone-free moment and I feel my hands getting hypothermia, I’ll slip those babies between my legs. I honestly believe my thighs give off more heat onto my hands than any glove could.


Ripping all of your jeans in the thigh area

I can’t tell you how many jeans I’ve ruined or have had to replace because of how thick my thighs are. Whenever school shopping came around, my mom would always ask “what happened to the last pair of jeans I bought you?” I don’t want to answer to her that I’ve completely rubbed them out.


Chaffing is the worst if you don’t remember to put on lotion after getting out of the shower. In addition, chaffing is something that happens all days out of the year, regardless of if it’s 70 degrees or 40 degrees. I hate when people ask me why I don’t wear dresses because I’m not trying to go into an entire thesis on the topic of chaffing.


I’ve been fat my entire life, therefore, I’ve been chaffing all that time as well. And because I’m Black (if you hadn’t noticed) it’s caused my inner thighs to go darker than my outer thighs. The guys I sleep with don’t seem to care, but I do.

Sweaty inner thighs

I hate the fact that when I am actually brave enough to wear a pair of shorts outside, my shorts will bunch up into my crotch, an I really just look like your creepy camp counselor. I might as well throw on a fanny pack to complete the look.


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