White Boys are Afraid of Me

White Boys are Afraid of Me
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There’s something really curious…

about men and how different types of men vary in response to dating. Growing up in a predominately white neighborhood, a lot of my celebrity crushes encompassed either Jesse McCartney, Nick Jonas or Ryan Cabrera (yeah, I admit to that). But in my mind, I knew early on that the guys who absolutely just wouldn’t (and still don’t) mess with my juicy butt were all white.

Personally, I think I intimidate white boys

This is a blog after all, and I’m just here to air out my opinion, so what I’m about to say is not to be taken as an end all be all: I scare white men. There. I’m large and I walk like I’m in charge. Although, to some, that probably sounds absolutely absurd, but when I pass by hot white guys, I would never consider approaching them, and vice versa.

I admit I’m afraid of them too. From a societal perspective, a big black girl would never appeal to a Nick Jonas or J Mac type. I’ll never reading this old J-14 interview where the interviewer asked the JoBros what they looked for in a girl. Words like “someone who’s into fitness” or “who takes care of themselves” were along the lines of what they said in their answers. I was heartbroken, and ultimately it was one instance that shaped the way I viewed white men dating Black women. Thick Black women to be exact.

They think we’re not interested

Considering nearly every well-known rapper is either dating a white woman, a Hispanic woman, or a light-skinned Black woman (which is like every mainstream Black actress/singer), it’s a wonder why a Mr. Wonder Bread would initiate convos with someone like me. If Brothas in Hollywood don’t want to fuck with us, why would Mr. Wonder Bread? It’s sad, but also the reality we live in.

But in the end, it’s up to me to find the #WokeWhiteBoy

As much as I wish Tinder would burn in the 7th circle of hell, it’s actually a great playground for experimentation. In my experience, I’ve matched with good looking white guys quite often. That’s not to say I’ve actually been out on dates with any of them, but it gave me reassurance that there are white guys who’s interest I’ve peaked. It probably won’t encourage me to step to one in person, but I’ll try it out…eventually.

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  • AJ January 14, 2020 12:32 pm

    I’m too old, but in the “day”, no way I’m afraid of you. Enamored, enchanted, but not afraid. Disclaimer: I’m of mixed race, but if you consider Italian “white”, then I’m 3/4 white and 1/4 Black and Hispanic. I always thought of myself as a “white boy”, but the truth is, I look like Carlos Santana.. so almost no one else thinks I’m white.

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