8 gifts for the Y2K baby

8 gifts for the Y2K baby

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Let’s start with the fact that the y2k aesthetic you see on Instagram and TikTok are Black aesthetics; streetwear from the “inner cities” that those people like to speak of. Now that you know what’s good, here are eight ‘000s gifts for the person who cannot give up Baby Phat, lip gloss and scrunchies.

As someone who was practically a baby in 2000 (I was 5, you do the math, b), I looked up to the girlies giving pink, fuzzy and mini everything. Now, despite what the non-Blacks have spurted about where the y2k aesthetic comes from (the answer is Black people), they have taken some good notes.

What makes a gift “2000s,” you ask?

I like to think of Lindsay Lohan and Brenda Song’s shiny leather trench jackets in the iconic DCOM Get A Clue as an ode to Jada Pinkett Smith’s look in The Matrix: Reloaded. However, I still give Katherine Heigel her fashion flowers for all the 90s looks she turned in Wish Upon A Star (1996).

From liner lip gloss combos to mini skirts and scrunchies, here are eight gifts for ’90s and Y2K-loving babes.

1. Limited Edition Gold Kit, $75

Credit: Glossier

Why we stan: This kit from Glossier combines the popularity of lip gloss and gold. In the Gold Kit, you can find a 14 karat gold G-plated necklace with a limited edition gold version of the brand’s iconic juicy gloss.

2. Bread Beauty The Favorites Duo, $28

Credit: Bread Beauty Supply

Why we stan: Bread Beauty is one of the newest and one of the most intriguing beauty brands of 2020 that’s also Black-owned. The nostalgic berry scent in the hair oil will bring you back to the days of The way the brand says the hair oil is like a gloss for your hair, they mean it! I’m trying to savor it for as long as I can, but to be honest, very little goes a long way. Plus, the

3. Starface Hydro-Stars Starter Pack – 32ct, $14.99

Credit: Target

Why we stan: There are few acne spot treatments that have worked for me Despite their cuteness, these Starface Hydro Stars are a gem when my hormonal acne acts up. It helps with swelling, itching (bug bites, too) and it stops you from picking at your blemishes. It’s also nice to know that when I’m asleep, the most vulnerable parts of my skin are protected.

4. Baby Phat Body Suit, $8.99 (Orig. $22.99)

Credit: Forever 21

Why we stan: Baby Phat is stilll an iconic brand to this day. You can actually still snag some pieces from the brand’s collab with Forever21. This cute little bodysuit is simple, but will mean something to the y2k baby in your life.

5. Cuddle Closer Mini Backpack, $31.50 $45.00 

Credit: Dolls Kill

Why we stan: For me, Bratz was the closest representation I had to Blackness (have you seen those lips?). Regardless of the brown skin icon that is Sasha, Bratz dolls had cultural impact, and now their are legit Instagram pages dedicated to them as fashion icons. Snag this fuzzy Bratz-imprinted backpack to relive the tamagotchi days.

6. Sean John x Missguided plus size Navy Velour Zip Cropped Jacket, $33 (Orig. $66)

Credit: Missguided

Why we stan: Y2K aesthetics would also be nothing without streetwear brands like Sean John. Missguided and the brand that Diddy built just restocked their collaboration. Plus, this is one of those 2000s gifts that screams “get in loser, we’re going shopping.” Oh and you can swipe the bottoms here if you want the full set.

6. Tamagotchi On – Fairy, $29.99 – $44.99

Credit: Amazon

Why we stan: Like I said, the Tamagotchi days were lit and they haven’t let up. There’s a new generation of Tamagotchi On, and you can snag any of them on Amazon. Another one of the classic 2000s gifts, this one takes maintenance. Feed, clean and take care of your tama. The digital device lets your tama get married and even have tama babies that look like their parents.

What gifts are you getting for your friends? Are any of them on this list? What would you gift yourself? Drop it in the comments!

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