Dresses Are Evil If Your Ass is Big

Blog Fashion Featured August 8, 2018 0 Comments
2Sam Edelman

Normally, I don’t do dresses. A dress is the one item of clothing that makes me feel less than comfortable in my body. All day long, you’ll pull and fidget with wedgies and length. Plus size dresses in particular make me look ridiculous because of my ass-to-waist ratio. No, that’s not me bragging, and on my low days, I can’t’…

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America reigns as the fattest country, but I still purchase my apparel overseas

Blog Fashion Featured April 25, 2018 0 Comments

It’s pretty evident that in fashion… people carry around the idea that all women have the same body—the reality is we don’t. We used to look at every retailer’s website, just to find that the same size models with the same blonde hair were selling looks bigger bitches could never wear. But it recently just occurred to me that America…

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Stripes, dots and other patterns that make us look bigger

Blog Fashion Featured February 7, 2018 1 Comments

Do you ever happen to notice how… you pass up all the cute patterned pieces when shopping? Well, please stop and listen ladies. I’ve always been told that patterns weren’t “right for me” or they’re “too distracting”. Of course it was only other insecure people who hate their bodies telling me this since I’m a bigger girl, but the idea that…

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What A Plus-Size Gal Wears to Werk

Blog Fashion Featured December 27, 2017 0 Comments
1Urban Outfitters
3Urban Outfitters

I work in creative as a writer… so I can pretty much wear whatever the hell I want. Unfortunately, most of corporate America still wants us to dress like penguins just to type out letters at a desk. Luckily, I stumbled upon a stylish site that’s JUST for us plus-size gals!!! That’s right. No regular ‘women’s’ and no men’s apparel. It’s all…

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