If you’ve never shopped Glossier, here’s what to get in this rare site-wide sale

If you’ve never shopped Glossier, here’s what to get in this rare site-wide sale

I know it’s been a while. The thing is, it would take a Glossier sale to bring me out of my fashion and beauty funk. And, well, this one is well worth me getting out my dusty MacBook Air.

For those who keep up with beauty, you know this sale is rare AF. A Glossier sale typically happens only once a year during the holidays. However, this Friends of Glossier sale came out of nowhere, and for that, we thank you Glossier — because you can actually get a sweet 20 percent off the entire site. I know, right? Plus, this sale is longer, since it lasts up until June 14. So you have a little bit of time left to make your picks.

What’s worth shopping in the Friends of Glossier Sale

Every skincare brand gets a lot of hype these days — especially if they fit your IG feed’s aesthetic. However, I actually love a lot of Glossier’s products. I’m personally a stan, but I can appreciate other skincare perspectives. Here’s a breakdown of what I think is worth nabbing for a discount.

Body Hero Line

I actually wrote about Glossier’s Exfoliating Bar and The Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist for In The Know. Once I heard about this sale, I knew I had to add another bar of the brand’s soap, the Body Oil Wash and the Daily Perfecting Cream to my cart.

Exfoliating Bar, $11.20 (Orig. $14)

Credit: Glossier

The Exfoliating Bar is what you want to use a grimey, hot day outside. This may sound gross, but you can actually see the crud coming off of you in the shower when used. I love it because it really gets the dirt out of your skin while leaung it super soft.

Body Hero Daily Oil Wash, $14.40 (Orig. 18)

Credit: Glossier

I haven’t tried the Oil Wash yet, but people (over 500 at that) say it’s amazing. Plus, the brand recommends you apply this on the back of the exfoliating bar for an even deeper cleanse.

Hand Cream, $14.40 (Orig. $18)

Credit: Glossier

I’ve already bought two Hand Creams from Glossier and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I didn’t even know what luxury hand creams felt like until I put this stuff in my palms. It smells incredible, it’s super smooth on the skin and it’s not greasy.


Skywash, $14.40 (Orig. $18)

Credit: Glossier

For those who are not into eyeshadow, but want to add a little something to their lids, Skywash is perfect. For darker skin tones (my specialty), the Echo and Terra shades give your eyes a natural flush, giving you a true makeup-no-makeup look .

Futuredew, $19.20 (Orig. $24)

Credit: Glossier

Futuredew still holds up (to meee) as one of the best dewy skincare products on the market. It meshes well with other skincare products from the line, and it adds that natural highlight that’ll glow under the sun.


The Beauty Bag, $22.40 (Orig. $28)

Credit: Glossier

With people traveling again, I will say this is the absolute one thing you should get. The Beauty Bag is super travel-friendly, it pops right into your purse and the organizing insert is removable. I use it on my staycations to carry all my makeup and my skincare routine so it’s all in one place and it stays organized even though I, admittedly, am not.

Don’t let me be the one to tell you how to spend your money, but this is a rare time to snag a deal on Glossier products if you have the cash to splurge. Did you get anything from the Glossier sale? What are your tried and true product faves from the line. Drop a line in the comments!

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