Summer Is Here, So Time For Box Braids, Sis

Summer Is Here, So Time For Box Braids, Sis

If you’re a Black woman reading this, then you all-red-y know that braids season is upon us. I’ve already left my iconic space buns/puffs in the dust and traded my statement look for box braids. 

I Find Black Joy in Box Braids 

Despite the fact that I’m a naturalista and wouldn’t dare get my hair wet, I live for this style. It could be because of the Pride I have for a style that’s owned by Black Women. Furthermore, it looks so damn good on us, and (to be frank) us only. 

More specifically, Box Braids in the summertime get me HYPE

The summer season always calls for a protective style and braids, locks, Senegalese Twists, you name it, Black women will be rocking it. 

I used to hear rumors that braids are “childish” according to some people. But I just take that as, “this look makes me look young AF and you just a hater.” Honestly, I that braids are the go-to hairstyle for summer thot fits. 

Braids are sexy. PERIOD. 

I don’t know about you, buuuut I plan on dressing like the “fast girl” Black women are constantly played out to be. And along with my braids, I am THAT bitch, and I’m not ashamed to present myself, my curves, or my overall Blackness out and proud under the sun. There are so many stereotypes about black women who wear braids. I’ve had times that I was told braids looked ghetto on me by white people. And even my classmates in high school tried to tell me it was a whack idea for me to wear them to prom. Unfortunately, back then I fed into their suggestions based on their own anti-blackness and wore a damn weave. But I’ve embraced my Black-owned look (done by the lovely all female Ghanaian hair braiders in my BX neighborhood).

In the words of Lil Nas X, “Can’t nobody tell me nothiiiiiiinn.” 

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