To Plaid Or Not Too Plaid: Plaid Picks

To Plaid Or Not Too Plaid: Plaid Picks

Since the day I left Catholic School…

I’d thought I’d shunned plaid for good. But now that it’s made a comeback into my more casual wardrobe, I’m convinced it’s a neutral. Not everyone knows how to work the pattern and some think there’s such a thing as too much of the pattern. But now I couldn’t disagree more. 

Pair Your Plaid

Far be it from me to tell you what to wear, but if I may make the suggestion to take a fashion risk and rock plaid on plaid. The funny thing about patterns like these is that they’re meant to played with. Until I watched an episode of Project Runway, I had no idea how to wear or style it.

I found in putting this ensemble together, that the key is to mismatch what looks a little funky. There’s no right or wrong way to style plaid in my honest opinion. It’s the balance between solids and the pattern itself that really make the outfit. This is also one of the few times you won’t see me in all black. Maybe the pattern is the tradeoff.

I was always afraid of testing plaid because lines and curves are, well, polar opposites. And having been a curvy girl my whole life, I never thought that wearing plaid would work with my shape, but alas. Issa lewk. I knew the moment I tried it on (shopping in-store is still a BOP), I knew it’d be going home with me.

Mismatching a pattern like this may sound like risky business, but sometimes when you think you’ve made a mistake, that’s when you’ve created a masterpiece. You and I both know that putting a look together as a thicker chick is no easy feat. So anytime you create one that’s successful, find a bar, party or some other hangout. Because that look deserves to be seen. 

My Picks

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