You Won’t Believe This Chic Piece Was My First Fashion Nova Buy

You Won’t Believe This Chic Piece Was My First Fashion Nova Buy
1Fashion Nova
2Forever 21
3Steve Madden

For the longest time…

I had a bone to pick with Fashion Nova. It was an Instagram brand. And despite my 23 years on earth classifying me as a “Gen-Lennial”, I’m old school and I prefer a real-life shop. Not to mention, based on the outfits on the brand’s ‘Gram, Fashion Nova isn’t exactly the place to buy Sunday Churchwear. Feel me? K, cool.

Fashion Nova was practically stalking me, though.

I didn’t even like the clothes on the site, because honestly, (if you hadn’t noticed) it’s just not my style. I like chic/cool-girl/classic outfits. And I just simply like to be covered, comfy but cute. However, it was hard not to go back and look at the girls wearing the outfits because they seriously rocked it. Another plus was that the brand itself did something most “fast fashion” don’t do: Many styles come in straight and plus sizes.

So, say you see a straight-size girl modeling a look, the actual product may still come in a 1X, 2X or 3X. Oh! And there’s still plenty of room to boost up that sizing (and *cough* body type choices), Ms, Fashion Nova Thang. Just saying.

It wasn’t until I saw the look on fashion designer Ashley Nell Tipton that had me rushing to my wallet:

Anytime you buy something online, you run the risk of it not fitting to perfection. Mine fit a little bit big because I’m smaller on top. However, I think most will find it too cool to not make it work.

Now I paid the full $34.99 on this Tune of Love Dress, but because I’m nice, it’s currently 30% off RIGHT NOW for $27.99. I know, I know, I’m amazing. 

Ever since Saturday (when I wore it), I got a bunch of women, and even some men, throwing me compliment after compliment. That’s not me bragging, that’s the truth. Even two photographers stopped me in the street to shoot pics of me (Okay, now I’m bragging). But we were in SoHo, so stunt’n is kind of a thing around those parts of NYC. But if you want to serve a killer scuba dress, do yourself a favor and grab this dress.

Should I do more of these fab finds? Hmmm…


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