I Thought Hoop Earrings Made Me Look Ghetto Until I Found Black Joy In Being ghetto

Fashion Featured Lifestyle July 18, 2019 0 Comments

Hoop earrings sound like a weird way to discuss your insecurities, right? At least for me, I thought I was doing myself (and my people) a favor by being a “good” or “ideal” representation of what a Black person in education and/or the workforce should be. I figured hoop earrings had no place in my sense of style. But I’m…

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Nude Lipstick Faves For Dark Brown Skin

Beauty Featured June 6, 2019 0 Comments

Despite that we’re in the year 2019, not everyone grasps the idea that nude lipstick (and the term “nude”) reads differently for everyone. For a long time (in beauty and in fashion), “nude” was defined by European beauty standards — pale, tan, and/or light peach. But if you’re Black or brown, “nude” has an entirely different meaning. Nude Lipstick Isn’t…

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